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Meet the Developers at NeoTerra

Monty Kammona // TECH VP

Montadar Kammona is a Tech VP and one of the two software developers at NeoTerra. He has multiple years of computer experience including web designing, cybersecurity, and coding. He has also had the opportunity to intern as a network administrator and web developer. He has also designed many network systems and server closets. He also has plenty of communication experience from working as a customer experience specialist. He can problem solve, communicate, and work well with others for a healthy and productive work environment.


Kien Nguyen // IT ASSISTANT

Kien Nguyen is one of the two software developers for the NeoTerra games. He got into coding because he had a passion for video games, and he wanted to know how to design them. He began coding at the beginning of high school learning the basics of how coding works. Bearden High School offers a lot of computer science ranging from Web Design to Coding to Cyber Security. Kien took the path of coding and began creating simple games like breakout, tic-tac-toe, and four-in-a-row through the language JavaScript. He joined Virtual Enterprise because he wanted to find out how distribution of products and how the marketplace works. The NeoTerra game was designed in python using multiple pygame modules. His role in NeoTerra is an IT assistant, and with the help of TechWithTim, TheFluffyPotato, and other coding youtubers, he is able to create the NeoTerra games.



Leilu Sharp is a 17-year-old junior at Bearden High school and graphic artist at NeoTerra. She is responsible for the landscapes and animated cut scenes seen on the website and in the game. She has been creating art since she was a toddler and practicing graphic art for four years.



Julia Beers, a sophomore at Bearden High School, is one of the two graphic artists here at NeoTerra. Julia has been doing graphic art for almost a year. She came up with the design of the NeoTerra logo, she drew the animals for the games, and most foreground obstacles.


Marly DeLaura // WEB DESIGNER

Marly DeLaura is the web designer at NeoTerra. She is a senior in High School and plans on using her background in web design and coding to major in Graphic Design at the University of Tennessee. With this major, she also wants to attend Georgia Tech to get a masters degree in Human Computer Interaction. With both of these degrees she hopes to work for herself as a freelance graphic designer, web designer, and coder while living abroad.