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Welcome to the NeoTerra Store! Browse around and choose which video game package is best for you! Simply select the package you want, checkout through your VEI account, click the "Return to NeoTerra" link at the end of checkout to download the game and start playing!

NeoTerra is an educational video game aimed to inform younger generations on how humans negatively impact the environment. Through our game, we plan to teach VEI students ways to conserve and protect their local and global ecosystems.

NeoTerra: Base Game


This selection is perfect for one player only to play the first biome - The Deciduous Forest. Buy now if you want to learn more about how to protect our environment.

NeoTerra: Season Pass


Already own the base game? Buy the Season Pass too! This will give you access to the next three levels as they release!

Season Pass Bundle


Already know you will love the game? Go ahead and buy this bundle to unlock future levels and biomes as they are released! Deciduous Forest, Tundra, Grasslands, and Ocean biomes are all included.

Base Game: Corporate Bundle


Bundle for entire VE classes that contains only the base game of the Smoky Mountains.

NeoTerra: Corporate Bundle


This bundle is for entire VE classes that all want to participate in the NeoTerra fun (includes all biomes). Buy now to start playing!